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About Us

We are a non-profit initiative serving as the central hub of a network between COVID-19 patients and their families, plasma donors, and physicians or hospitals. Our mission is to make convalescent COVID-19 plasma accessible to as many COVID-19 patients as possible.

We are currently the primary donor pool of convalescent COVID-19 plasma in the NY region and among the largest in the USA.

We are partnered with medical affiliates including the New York Blood Center, Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins.

Thousands of plasma donations have occurred or have been scheduled. We continue to add regions beyond the NY/NJ area.

Each plasma donation = 3 patients treated. Doctors on the front lines report markedly higher chances of recovery with convalescent COVID-19 plasma treatment.


Medical Director: Dr. Yosef Levenbrown

Advisory Role

Medical Advisory Board: Dr. Girish N. Vyas; 
Dr. Laurence J. Marton; Dr. Fred Naider

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The Yitzchok Lebovits COVID Plasma Initiative is dedicated in memory of R’ Yitzchok a"h Ben R’ Moshe Eliezer y"blt, who recently passed away. R' Yitzchok was a brother of Chaim Lebovits who has been a driving force behind every aspect of this initiative to bring this life-saving therapy to the people who need it.