COVID-19 Clinical Trials

World without COVID

As the world continues its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, The COVID Plasma Initiative
Foundation is committed to doing our part to make a difference. We are proud to share that we have
signed on as an official partner of World Without COVID, a free public health initiative powered by Clara
Health designed to connect patients and volunteers to over 400 clinical trials racing to find vaccines,
testing, and treatments for COVID-19.

Clinical studies need your participation whether you’ve been infected and recovered from COVID-19, or have never been exposed at all. There is also an urgent need for blood plasma donation.

We encourage you to visit the World Without COVID registry and learn how you can join this privacy-protected, public health initiative.

You can feel confident that the Clara Health team will support you every step of the way. To date, Clara
has led over 10,000 patients through more than 60,000 clinical
trials for every imaginable health condition. Their platform is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
Anyone of us could be key to discovering COVID-19 vaccines and targeted treatments. Your participation is crucial to helping save lives and getting our communities healthy again.

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The Yitzchok Lebovits COVID Plasma Initiative is dedicated in memory of R’ Yitzchok a"h Ben R’ Moshe Eliezer y"blt, who recently passed away. R' Yitzchok was a brother of Chaim Lebovits who has been a driving force behind every aspect of this initiative to bring this life-saving therapy to the people who need it.