Antibody Testing Sites

Blood banks and hospitals generally require either a positive nasal swab test or a positive antibody test.  However, even patients with a positive nasal swab test often don't have high enough antibodies for successful plasma treatment.


Therefore, we strongly recommend that you obtain a Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai or DiaSorin antibody test to ensure that your plasma has enough antibodies to be effective. We are pleased to be able to offer community-based antibody testing drives with the assistance of the Mayo Clinic and/or Mount Sinai testing facilities and in conjunction with local health organizations. Additionally, DiaSorin tests are offered at urgent care centers by Bioreference or Sherman Abrams labs.


If your antibody test shows that you have enough plasma (1.2 or greater for Mayo Clinic or 160 or greater for Mount Sinai), you will be eligible to donate plasma.


Urgent Care Antibody Testing Sites

Please enter your address or zip code below to find nearby antibody testing sites that are open on a regular basis. Please bring your insurance card and a mask to the antibody testing site.

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Community-based Antibody Testing Drives

For community-based antibody testing drives that are open on specific dates, click here.