Outpatient Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Treat early, treat wisely.


Seek outpatient monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19. If you have high risk factors (ie. over 65, obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc.) and were exposed to COVID-19, or have symptoms, take a test.

If you tested positive and you are at risk, contact your doctor immediately to discuss whether monoclonal antibody treatment, (Regeneron® or Eli Lilly®) is appropriate for you, and if so, to arrange access.


For questions about mAbs (monoclonal antibody treatment) for COVID-19, read about it here, or call us at 828-4-PLASMA. We are here to assist you.

Important: Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test must seek immediate medical guidance.


Searchable Database of Facilities 

Periodically updated - if you do not see your location, call us at 828-4-PLASMA.

HHS Listing of Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Centers (non-comprehensive)

For an early treatment monoclonal antibody location in your area and/or for more information about the use of bamlanivimab in COVID-19, contact Lilly’s hotline between 9am-7pm at 1-855-LillyC19 (1-855-545-5921). 


Regeneron Hotline 1-844-734-6643.

COVID-19 can cause “silent hypoxia” even to low-risk patients, meaning the patient doesn’t realize that their oxygen level is dropping. A pulse oximeter is simple to use and can identify this early. It is better to arrive at the hospital earlier than later, certainly if oxygen levels begin to drop.

If you need to be hospitalized do not “wait and see”!

Choose a hospital with up-to-date treatments: plasma, steroids, blood thinners etc.

Disclaimer: the above are general suggestions, not to be construed as medical advice, and should be discussed with your healthcare provider.