Our Team


Since inception, and beyond - our leadership team keeps the organization running and focused on its primary mission to save as many lives as possible during the pandemic. 

Chaim Lebovitz


Mordy Serle


Abba Swiatycki


Zeldy Oppen


Dr. Yosef Levenbrown

Medical Director/Advisory Role


The following key volunteer members, who actively support the daily function of the organization, are committed to saving lives, every day. They are on-call 24/7, and without them we would not be able to do what we do!

C. Thumim

mAbs & Plasma Coordinator, CPI Israel Coordinator

Chaim Ozer Dessler

Director of mAbs, Plasma & Medical Services

E. Davidi

Medical Outreach & Research Coordinator

Elicia Bessaleli PA

mAbs Research Volunteer

Shoshana Bernstein

Director of Communications, CPI Canada Coordinator

Y. Miller

Director of Strategy, Marketing & Technology Lead

Tova Herskovitz

Director of Social Media & PR Coordinator

Ahuva Oppen

Marketing Analyst


This initiative would not have been possible without the efforts of many individuals who worked tirelessly, especially in the beginning of the pandemic, when speed and efficiency were critical in saving lives. We honor those who have lent their talents and time to make our work possible (not in any specific order): Adam Kahn, Deena Englander, Rafi Hertzfeld, Pam Sherr, Nosson Tzvi Swiatycki, Yakov Josephy, Charles Blumstein, Eli Gerstner, Abe Bodek, Henny Shoshana, Aliza Rubinstein, Talya Shoshani, M. Berger, R. Denglish, Malkie Einhorn, Malka Deutsch, Y. Elbaz, A. Elbogen, Malkie Feiner, Rivky Fishman, Chaya Friedman, Paula From, S. Fuchs, S. Fuzailov, O. Gardin, A. Ginsberger, Shimon Goldberg, Devora Hackner, Simi Halpern, Andrea Kahn, Nina Kaweblum, Shoshy Kravetz, S. Krawiecz, Chana Liba Lebowitz, Sharona Levy, Leslie Laskin, E. Liciab, Laylay Lipschutz, D. Maidi, Malky Mandel, Binyomin Maron, P. Neuberger, L Papelow, Seffie Schwartz, Yossi Sherr, Simcha Celnick, Susan Sokol, Shelley Winkler, Anita Adler, Shaina Arjang, Elicia Bessaleli, Avrohom Ullman, Shoval Shoshani, Edan Bessaleli, Russi Rennert, Ahuva Oppen, Alyssa Baumgarten, Sam Mitzmann, Vivian Stop, Eshley Taranto, Pinchas Tishyn, B.Treff, Y. Treff, N. Tswia, Avrohom Ullman, Esther Leah Urbach, Avrohom Weinstock and others.