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Current Plasma Drives You Can Sign Up For

Mount Sinai Plasma Drive

Mount Sinai Hospital

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NYBC Plasma Drive

New York Blood Center, New York

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If you donated convalescent plasma before with New York Blood Center, please call New York Blood Center to schedule an appointment.



If you have not tested positive for antibodies yet, we strongly encourage you to obtain a Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, or DiaSorin antibody test. 


Please bring your insurance card and a mask to the antibody testing site.


If you tested positive for antibodies but never donated at New York Blood Center, please go to the New York Blood Center web form and input your data.


New York Blood Center will call you back to schedule an appointment.


Just in case you either:


1. Did not take an approved antibody test but do have documentation of a positive nasopharyngeal PCR test

2. Did take an approved antibody test but did not not sign an informed consent document in conjunction with your antibody test

Then please contact a local blood bank or hospital that takes convalescent COVID-19 plasma donations. Please click the button below to access a list of donation locations near you. To ensure that the blood donation site will take your plasma, check the box for Only Show COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Donation Locations. When you find a suitable donation location, click on the link to register at that blood bank or hospital.

Donated already? You are the perfect candidate to donate again. Please inform the blood bank while registering that you have donated previously.

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*CAUTION: A positive antibody test (showing the presence of antibodies) DOES NOT necessarily mean that you are immune to the COVID-19 virus OR that you are no longer contagious. In addition, it may be possible to become re-infected with COVID-19 even after being symptom-free.