A Little Outside Help

Photo credits: mishpacha.com

Today, the coronavirus crisis has actually provided Yad Avraham with new opportunities to serve. Two major initiatives are a blood plasma drive, and the Corona Ward Volunteers project.

As America's COVID Plasma Initiative has done in the States, Yad Avraham has mobilized the local chareidi community, hard hit by COVID-19, to donate blood that can be processed into plasma for transfusions. Yad Avraham volunteers canvass community agencies for lists of donors, organize the donation drives, take the blood, process the plasma, and deliver it to hospitals and medical centers.

The Corona Ward Volunteers project targets COVID-19 patients in isolation, whether in hospitals or in one of Israel's "corona hotels." Volunteers who have recovered from the coronavirus (and in many cases also donated plasma) visit with these patients, bringing them food, drink, reading material, and most of all, company. At Hadassah Medical Center, doctors saw in the first wave how isolation affected patients' emotional state and determined that these volunteer visits are beneficial — especially for elderly patients, who have been cut off from all their social connections.

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