Covid Plasma Initiative profiled in Ami magazine: Dr. Joyner thanks the Orthodox community

"The Orthodox community rocks! They really underpinned all of our collection efforts, allowing us to do over 10,000 convalescent plasma transfusions in just over a month

"One way or another antibodies are going to play an important role, and convalescent plasma is the first shot. Afterwards there are going to be hyperimmune products, which are refined versions of human plasma or laboratory-created antibodies, and in the end we will hopefully have a vaccine that will allow us to generate our own antibodies.

"Is it going to wipe the scourge of COVID-19 off the face of the earth? That’s unlikely. Can we help temporize things in the short term while these other technologies come on board and hopefully be in a position to offer patients something better than what we currently have? I hope so, and then we can all wait for the vaccine cavalry to arrive.

These are the words of Dr. Michael J. Joyner, the head of the Mayo Clinic expanded access convalescent plasma program, who was interviewed by the Ami magazine. Visit the Ami website to read about how Chaim Lebovits and the Covid Plasma Initiative save lives.