RISE! Eli Gerstner Avraham Fried & Baruch Levine

We, as the Jewish nation has been through many challenging & hard times and despite all we RISE and bring strength, meaning, and hope. Covid Plasma Initiative Foundation & its extraordinary #plasmaheroes have taken the darkness and pain of coronavirus and infused healing and life to so many. RISE! Eli Gerstner Avraham Fried & Baruch Levine


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The Yitzchok Lebovits COVID Plasma Initiative is dedicated in memory of R’ Yitzchok a"h Ben R’ Moshe Eliezer y"blt, who recently passed away. R' Yitzchok was a brother of Chaim Lebovits who has been a driving force behind every aspect of this initiative to bring this life-saving therapy to the people who need it.