The Regeneron’s Antibody Miracle for Covid-19

Photo credits: Regeneron/Associated Press

Three weeks ago my wife and I were toasting the New Year and giving blessings for the last. It was a year in which we welcomed our first grandchild, reason enough to be thankful. It was also a year during which we maintained our health, despite living, shopping, working, and commuting in the heart of the city with the world’s worst Covid-19 death record. It appeared we were going to skate through the pandemic into the post-pandemic era without getting sick.

Then the coughing began.

After a long day at work, I went to bed early and kept waking up with a hacking cough. I rose the next morning feeling dizzy and achy with a cold sweat. I called my doctor, who got right to the point: “You probably have Covid; that’s the only thing getting through masks these days.”

Read the whole of by visiting the article published by The Wall Street Journal(WSJ) right here.


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